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Martina L Gutierrez

About me ...


After teaching Gymnastics for 10 years for all ages, I became interested in the practice of yoga.

Starting with Ashtanga, I started teaching in 2012.

Practicing meditation with my mom and her friends since I was a child I am also used to doing silent meditation retreats every year.

As art has always been part of my life with a painter dad, I like to share different personal development practices using painting, sculpturing, crocheting, etc.

I also had the opportunity to study and aply energy healing technics in addition to my university studies mainly focused on the functioning of the human body.

What inspires me the most in my life and brings me a lot of joy are all the experiences of awakening, realization, and "Waaaa" ...

I like to meet others and come back to myself.

I love who I am, what I do and where and with whom I am <3

Adapted to your abilities, your potential.

Retrieve your peace of body and soul ....

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